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  1. Mount Bandai is formed of several overlapping stratovolcanoes, the largest of which is O-Bandai forming a complex volcano.

  2. These volcanoes are thought to have formed as a result of the North American Plate sliding westward over a small hotspot , called the Anahim hotspot. The most recent period of activity lasted from to , and was characterized by the interaction of magma with the lake water, which produced violent phreatic and phreatomagmatic eruptions. Hoodoo Mountain is a tuya in northwestern British Columbia, which has had several periods of subglacial eruptions.

  3. Download the latest Google Play Store. Restart your tablet Growth of the younger Mount Fuji began with a period of voluminous lava flows from 11, to 8, years ago, accounting for four-fifths of the volume of the younger Mount Fuji.

  4. Please note that this is turned off by default and you will need to enable Developer Options to access this option. The most recent major catastrophic eruption in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt was an explosive eruption of the Mount Meager massif about 2, years ago.

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