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  1. Frank, a married man and father of two, gets the virginal Erin pregnant on her first time. Cloudy drink kills frog.

  2. It's been announced there will be a 10th and final episode. All of the housemates, as well as the camera crew, to the point that when they're given a chance to escape, they choose to keep themselves confined. Remember the New Guy?

  3. Tara sure does love those frogs. I've heard of him. As time goes on, its inhabitants start to feel the isolation more and more.

  4. Parodied with the Host, who shows up for the first time in episode 4 and is bewildered that none of the housemates recognize him. There's even a camera in the toilet.

  5. Erin is a naive country girl who comes out of an Angst Coma with Mama Bear tendencies. A deep voice will often give instructions through loudspeakers, much to the annoyance of the contestants. It doesn't end well.

  6. A particularly intense moment for her was when she was fully willing to drink a bucket full of regurgitated bananas for the sake of her baby.

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