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  1. During this period many very important councils were held in Spain. The theories of Centralism have made the municipal ayuntamientos organs of the central political power; but in practice these bodies aspire to be really representative, each of its own community, in relation to the Government, and this forms the programme of the Municipal Autonomy movement. The military chaplains are under the jurisdiction of a Vicar-General of the Army and Navy.

  2. This division has many inconveniences: The issue of the Second Punic War caused the Carthaginians to lose Spain, and the Romans succeeded to their mastery of the country.

  3. John Baptist de La Salle and Pere Champagnat's Marist Brothers have attained a position of great importance; their establishments in Spain are numerous and have become more so since their expulsion from France. Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara in Mexico.

  4. Martin of Dumio, St. The religious unity established by this council was the basis of that fusion of Goths with Hispano-Romans which produced the Spanish Nation. The universities now in existence are:

  5. After this, although the Spaniards took the side of Pompey against Caesar, resistance to the Roman power as such was confined to the Cantabri and the Asturias, who were conquered, though not subdued, in the time of Augustus. Places that we visit at times are:

  6. However, Orison, another Iberian chief, achieved the rout and death of Hamilcar at Elice, or Elche

  7. In regard to age the married persons were divided as follows: Also known for it's royal palaces and new scandinavian cuisine.

  8. It is very remarkable that the differences of language in the Iberian Peninsula still, partially, correspond to this first distribution of the inhabiting races. The civil governor also wields authority over the civil "facultative corps", as they are called — the engineers of highways, forests, and mines, and the agricultural experts — as well as over public instruction, charities, and so on. After its fleeting day of glory, the Caliphate fell into a rapid decay, until it was broken up into more than twenty states known as the Kingdom of Taifas.

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