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Unicorn sex

Unicorn glade sex

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  1. Days have their own magickal associations, which are similar to and connected with the other tables. For use in magick we need to train and control this ability, so that we can see, hold and shape whatever it is we want to see, and then direct our powers and energies towards it. Most spells require incense associated with a particular planet or deity.

  2. I use a silver white unicorn with wings, riding down a sunbeam into a picturesque forest glade. We all have the ability to visualise, but most people do so randomly. Light a candle in a darkened room White or blue symbolises spirituality and meditation, see Candles.

  3. Colours are carefully considered and assigned to all aspects of spell making, ritual magick and festivals. Ever since fire was discovered, the naked flame has been regarded as sacred. Chill is the dish of the day.

  4. Put the cost in the microwave and then throw the microwave into space. The mind needs to be trained in the techniques of meditation, visualisation, concentration and imagination if once again we desire to use these forgotten abilities.

  5. Now we can open up the conscious mind allowing it to become receptive and alert. Once the rite or working is complete, repeat this excersize to disperse any residual energy. Coloured candles are therefore used to pinpoint our focus on a particular deity or planetary association.

  6. Or when sat in a classroom during a boring lecture, we might start thinking about favourite things, seeing them in our minds eye while the teacher drones on in the background?

  7. When you can do this, try it again but with your eyes open. To combat these difficulties, witches use a technique called "Grounding and Centering". Careful consideration needs to be given to colour associations when used with Candles, Clothing, Symbols, Deities influences, Planetary influences, Causes and Effects, Zodiacal influences and Magickal Days.

  8. Like anything else you can go overboard. Magick then is a process in which we work closely and in harmony with the divine power source. Ever since fire was discovered, the naked flame has been regarded as sacred.

  9. These include zodiacal associations and planetary associations; even hourly associations can have an effect. Before any ritual, magical working or divinatory activity, a witch will first 'Ground and Center' to booster the self's resources by infusing 'Personal Power' with 'Earth Power' using the techniques already mentioned above.

  10. In magick we learn to harness and arouse this personal power, infuse it with a particular purpose, release it and direct it towards it's goal. And then to leave it alone. Visualisation in itself may sound easy and it is while sat in a chair in a relaxed state of mind.

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