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Dan and Phil vs. Tumblr

Tumblr sexy wife video

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  1. Note that it's not always easy to trace a meme's exact origin, so not every popular meme on the site may have originated there.

  2. That self-awareness has also led to memes becoming increasingly meta and surreal over time. Rule 1 of Tumblr:

  3. Further mutations and successor memes, if any. There's similar games done with things like horse dildos, claiming that it's a photo of an African-American burn victim it's hard to see and looks like a pale arm with splashes of pigment on it.

  4. The so-called " memefaces ", aka "rage comics", which spread from Reddit, about various, crudely drawn "meme" reactions to various things in life. One of the more popular posts was a gif from the show The Walking Dead , where one of the characters undergoes a brain scan as they became infected.

  5. Died out a while ago. Because his face was free of sweat while literally all the other runners were clearly exhausted, people reblogged the heck out of it. Rule 1 of Tumblr:

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