The best sex i ever had. 8 Signs That You’re The Best Sex He’s Ever Had.

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The best sex i ever had

Jul 29, - When deciding on the best sexual experience of your life there are, that sticks in your mind when you think of the best sex you've ever had. Sep 5, - Does anyone else out there struggle to remember their best sexual experience? A person or two comes to mind, but overall, there isn't one. Oct 27, - A lot goes into great sex: Affection, attraction, anticipation, location, surprise, and much more. To spur your imagination, we spoke to seven. The best sex i ever had

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  1. We had amazing sex because it was quiet, intimate, and we didn't rush. Back to Article news In an article by WomensHealth, five women shared the story around the best sex they ever had.

  2. So, if you are having trouble with your sex life, or you want to add a little extra spice to an otherwise boring relationship, read the stories below, get some ideas, and go grab your partner when they least expect it. It hits my G-spot just right, and with the extra stimulation of him touching me, I'm guaranteed to orgasm.

  3. But after about 10 seconds, he picked me up, threw me on the bed, and said he needed me now. But I really miss him - and as it turns out, the feeling is mutual.

  4. He held my ankles with one hand while he thrusted at an angle, and he played with me with his other hand.

  5. It was so hot. This should tell you that thrilling sex goes a long way in turning both men and women on. But he spun me around, grabbed my face to kiss me, and whispered in my ear that he wanted to have me right there.

  6. He ended up leaving an hour before his flight was supposed to take off, and thankfully, he still made his flight. We had amazing sex because it was quiet, intimate, and we didn't rush. After the game was over, we were pretty buzzed, so everyone stuck around and hung out in the living room.

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