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Sexy breast ladies

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  1. You have one of the following 5 types of breast separation, and all 5 types are a common occurrence. Leaning forward and pushing the under arm breast tissue inside the cups can help.

  2. B cup sizes and larger with this type of breast separation can achieve a vertical cleavage line. This breast separation is not common, but presents bra fit issues as well.

  3. These bra styles tend to have very low center panels — if any. Look for plunge bras if you want to show off your kissing cleavage. For the size of the breasts, choose a cup size letter.

  4. All bras are different. Bras where the center is made with cording , or has center underwires that barely come up between the breasts, like a plunge bra , can work for you. Take a snug measurement.

  5. These bra styles tend to have very low center panels — if any. Underwires can be uncomfortable if you are widely separated, and can cause discomfort in the underarm area if the underwires are not encircling all your breast tissue.

  6. If you choose a cup size that is too small, and you have wide shoulders, or a big waist, your forms will not fill out your clothes. Be very aware of the center design of your bra — the optimal center panel for you will be low cut or almost nothing.

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