Sexual position horoscope. Garbhadhan (astrology).

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The Best Sex Position for HIS Astrological Sign!

Sexual position horoscope

Jul 31, - Whether you're selecting a sex toy, testing a sex position, or just cuddling, it can't hurt to mix it up — and what's a better source of inspiration. Sep 6, - To have even more fun in bed, look to the stars. Use your zodiac sign, or the zodiac sign of your partner, and find the sex positions, strategies. Jan 3, - We know: Astrology—much like the app—isn't the most reliable resource in life. But hey, if we can decide which makeup to use. Sexual position horoscope

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  1. Turn up the heat in your bedroom by tailoring your sex position to your lover's astrologically influenced personality. Lucky for you, we did all the hard work and matched each sign with its most compatible sex position. The glyph for Cancer looks like a sideways 69 and that's what you and your Cancer should do.

  2. He is an excellent lover, but if you are expecting a candlelit dinner, keep looking. Since they're proud of their physical appearance and love their partners to have a clear preview, sex positions that puts Leos' partners behind or sex on places with a mirror s are ideal. Sagittarius You like it:

  3. His real kink is wood tables and hard floors in any position as long as it involves dominating your ass. If your Taurus is horny, get on top and act like they're one of those mechanical bulls drunk people ride. Guided by their curiosity, Sagittariuses tend to not only try out a variety of sex positions, but also include sex toys and role playing in their sex life as well.

  4. This sign rules the stomach and the breasts, and these body parts must be part of the overall Cancerian sexual experience — which in itself is like a five-course meal in a four-star restaurant.

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