Sex economy freedom and community. Sex Respect Review.

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Sex economy freedom and community

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  1. Sex Respect would better serve students by including open and honest discussions about date rape and sexual abuse, and helping those students who have been the victims of such abuse seek the appropriate guidance and care.

  2. Messages of Fear—Trying to Scare Students Sex Respect tells students that premarital sex involves physical, psychological, and emotional risks including: The curriculum blames many personal and societal problems on new social norms that have been more accepting of pre-marital sexual behavior. It provides little information on puberty, anatomy, human reproduction, and sexual orientation and no information on gender identity.

  3. When I was 15 I had been going out with Joe for a year and a half but we were not sexually active. Sex Respect would better serve students by helping them develop the negotiation skills they need to make responsible sexual decision throughout their lives.

  4. In addition, young people are bombarded by messages about sexuality everyday from music, television, movies, and advertising. It works against our sexual self-control rather than helping us relieve the pressures. Messages of Fear—Trying to Scare Students Sex Respect tells students that premarital sex involves physical, psychological, and emotional risks including:

  5. Young people are also told that one of the consequences of premarital sex is a bad reputation. Many of the messages of fear revolve around modes of transmission.

  6. Telling students to simply avoid these messages is neither realistic nor helpful. Some legal and legislative challenges remain though and it is therefore unclear whether this right will be permanently guaranteed in these states or other states in the country.

  7. Young people would be better served by an open and honest discussion of sexual behaviors and STD risk. For example, the curriculum refers students to sources of information and services that reflect one set of religious beliefs. The study did find that virginity pledges could help some young people delay intercourse under certain circumstances.

  8. While some of these inaccuracies have been removed, the curriculum continues to rely on outdated and distorted information.

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