Oral sex with a uti. Sex with urinary tract infections (UTIs)?.

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Urinary Tract Infection: Can It Be Transmitted During Sex? - Dr. Akl

Oral sex with a uti

It is possible for oral sex to lead to urinary infections. There are plenty of organisms in the mouth that may be a source of infections is oral sex is performed. UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) are rarely comfortable or fun, which may be a guide in and of itself about whether your girlfriend will want to have sex. And in fact, health professionals recommend that women with a UTI avoid sexual intercourse until symptoms have been gone for at least two weeks. Jul 21,  · Cunnilingus and UTI: must it be so? staying away from the clit and the urethra during oral sex, washing ourselves immediately before and after. Oral sex with a uti

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  1. As someone said, hands and fingers, with a little lubrication seems to work well with practice. If it must be like this, is there anything that comes close to cunnilingus as far as intimacy and pleasure?

  2. Generally speaking, UTIs are not contagious so you couldn't catch the infection from your girlfriend if you were to have sex now.

  3. We noticed, however, that she would get UTIs strangely frequently after I started going down on her.

  4. In fact, I almost wonder if there's too much washing up going on down there. Since alka seltzer is cheaper, and tastes less vile than the cystisis remedies, I go with alka seltzer, and it works great. You might have a gum infection that might eventually make you lose teeth.

  5. Our schedules can be kinda hectic, and since we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, usually after the UTI there will be a few days where we can be sure it is gone before we even get to see each other again.

  6. It wasn't long before we noticed that oral sex seemed to be the cause of the UTIs, though. Therefore, if you know you have a bladder infection, don't accept a prescription for Valium. My urologist he's awesome was a big advocate of natural remedies in addition to the standard medical ones.

  7. DO not let her take antibiotics because when she has other serious problems, the antibiotic will become immune to the body and will not work as well when you really need it. It also acidifies your urine to prevent bacterial growth. Well, you still won't be certain..

  8. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend. However, if her UTI was caused by a sexually transmitted infection STI , such as chlamydia or trichomoniasis, you would be at risk for those infections until she has been treated.

  9. What kind of bacteria it is will make a huge difference, as she might be getting the wrong antibiotics for it, and it also might tell you where it's coming from. Some people stop after they feel better and don't finish the last several pills and that is a very bad idea.

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