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Noncompliant interracial sex stories

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  1. The federalism rationales apply only to the federal government, such as laws like DOMA. The equal protection rationales--particularly Kennedy's argument that denying gay marriage is a form of unconstitutional bigotry--apply to the states. The Court gave marriage equality a push, but the fight is far from over.

  2. Kennedy's decision is a hodge-podge of federalism rationales and equal protection rationales. But this queer lifestyle may be taking its toll on the wacky Iraqi—his last few boyfriends have reportedly died of AIDS, and now there is speculation that Saddam may have contracted the deadly virus himself.

  3. As expected, the majority opinion came from Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Court's swing vote on whom so much depends. When the Supreme Court ruled that prohibitions on interracial marriage were unconstitutional, in the case of Loving v.

  4. Many people are asking whether these decisions mean that every state will have to legalize gay marriage. Our constitutional system contains "dual sovereigns" -- the states and the federal government -- that have jurisdiction over different areas.

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