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  1. One of the classics that inspired one of Ptarmigan's more popular artworks. Submit requests to "twistdart at gmail dot com". Sally's Slow Simmer, by D.

  2. They can only have your body, never your mind. Fans of 'Asian Cuisine' may enjoy this tale, though femeaters beware for its rather random inclusion of male genitalia on the menu.

  3. Characters are very vivid and little minor details to the scenes make this a very lively and lived in story. Sally's Slow Simmer, by D. Though much is shown about the characters' backgrounds, not enough depth with the personalities makes it easy to interchange characters without affecting the storyline.

  4. Read here The Rest in Alphabetical Order: Recommended for those only who can stomach the darker, more realistic aspect of this fantasy. I'm not sure why I put this story in here, perhaps it was a short read and that it's slightly unconventional enough for me to feature it here.

  5. Light on the foreplay but one of the best descriptions of the eating, and that's Classic Chewy at his best! A kind of story for the folks out there who are into the degradation aspect of cannibalism, though gynophagia here is only mentioned briefly in passing. A highly mature and descriptive tale that is both sexy and rather realistic in its cannibalistic depictions.

  6. Doesn't really offer much in terms of gynophagic fantasy fulfillment, but does stand out with its impishly clever and surreal writing.

  7. Submit requests to "twistdart at gmail dot com". Surprising unpredictable, though it seems like the story ended quite abruptly at the final paragraph.

  8. But what stands out is that the elements of the story is more submissive and sexual in nature, focusing on the build-up but not so much on the "culinary" half of the fantasy, the eating.

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