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  1. As a full bit Windows 95 game, it had new x resolution graphics. The recording was also given away as a free live album with Carter's fifth studio LP, Worry Bomb - a punk-pop album with upbeat material such as "Let's Get Tattoos" and slow acoustic songs such as "My Defeatist Attitude". The reunion celebrated twenty years since the band's foundation and ten years since their split.

  2. This reportedly annoyed the band as they were not consulted or even made aware of the release of the record. That album, - The Love Album , went straight to number one in the UK charts, propelling the band to pop stardom.

  3. James Morrison's projects included the band Jim's Super Stereoworld before moving on to solo albums including Angelstrike! Even More Contraptions[ edit ] Even More Contraptions started a service allowing players to share their homemade puzzles using a service called "WonSwap". The band then went back to Canada and the U.

  4. This reportedly annoyed the band as they were not consulted or even made aware of the release of the record. All 36 songs and running order were decided by Jim Bob and Fruitbat.

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