London population sex statistics. Scottish Government.

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London population sex statistics

Oct 4, - London has the highest percentage of the population who identify as . Figure 2: Sex by gay or lesbian and bisexual population, UK, This statistic shows the population of the United Kingdom (UK) from the most recent estimates for mid, by gender. In this year, women outnumbered men by. This statistic shows the predicted population of London, United Kingdom (UK) from to , by gender. The figures show year on year growth, and from. London population sex statistics

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  1. The apparent contradiction comes from one of the key themes of the report — people may have more sexual partners over the course of their lives compared to previous generations, but they are also reporting having sex less often. Haringey has a growing population that is mostly due to the number of babies being born in the borough rather than the number of people moving into the borough coupled with net gain from international migration see figure

  2. Birth rates, Haringey, London and England, - ONS Vital statistics files Deaths The number of deaths in Haringey residents has been falling in recent years, however between and the number has risen from to and has now fallen back down to in see figures 19 and Ethnic breakdown of children aged 3 to 18 years - School Census, January Back to top Religion Haringey is one of the most religiously diverse places in the UK.

  3. Men are more likely to be single than women, and women are more than three times as likely as men to be widowed, and slightly more likely to be married or divorced. Males have increased more than females and Haringey increased more than England or London.

  4. Over half of deaths in Haringey are due to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Mortality rates for males are higher than females and remain higher than the rates for London and England overall. Previously the rates in Haringey were considerably higher than both London and England and Wales but recently it has fallen in line with both London and England see figures 21 and

  5. The age standardised mortality rate which enables populations with different age profiles to be compared suggests that the death rate in Haringey is lower than those of both London and England. Men in east of the borough live, on average, nine years less than their counterparts in west.

  6. At UK level, concern about an ageing population has led to an ongoing debate about raising the age of retirement and reform of the pension system, an area of policy with important gender implications, given that traditionally women and men have retired at different ages, and in the light of women's disadvantage in relation to pension provision. Mortality rates for males are higher than females and remain higher than the rates for London and England overall. Civil judicial statistics also provide some data relevant to divorce.

  7. Thus whilst life expectancy in Haringey has shown improvement, a large proportion of that extended life is spent in poor health. At the same time, 25, people moved outside the borough; of those 2, In particular there is concern about an ageing population, low birth rates and migration.

  8. In contrast, probability sample surveys by definition are better placed to generate estimates representative of all MSM although based on smaller samples of MSM typically, and for a smaller number of behaviours. Men in east of the borough live, on average, nine years less than their counterparts in west.

  9. This section looks at how different age group population of young people, working age and over 65s is projected to change. In December , the Civil Partnership Act came into force, creating the status of civil partnerships for same sex couples with the same legal consequences as marriage. The social gradient between the least and most deprived deciles by deprivation Slope Index of Inequality in Haringey in men is 7.

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