I want to predict the sex of my baby. 23 Old Wives Tales for Predicting Gender.

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How to Know Boy or Girl during Pregnancy without Ultrasound At Home

I want to predict the sex of my baby

Over at the nifty Thrifty Mommy blog, Kelly posted about how she stocks up on diapers before the baby is born. She recommends buying diapers of various sizes weekly. Kelly’s post made me remember how confusing it was when I was pregnant to figure out how best to stock up on diapers. Expectant mothers are asking strangers to guess their baby’s sex by posting scan pictures online, in an obscure new internet craze. Traditional medical scans cannot determine whether a baby is male or female until 20 weeks. But some experts think it is possible to predict the foetus’ sex at In China, there are several old wives tales for predicting baby's gender. These ways are very easy that you can do it at home. Most of the methods are only by observing mother's physical and facial changes. I want to predict the sex of my baby

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  1. One explanation is that vomiting mothers lose a lot of fluids and minerals, which permanently programmes their foetuses to compensate by craving salt. While, if you become lazier, you may get a girl. I felt just as loving and intimate, emotionally, as I always had…but my body wanted nothing to do with it.

  2. In opposite, the big belly shows a baby girl. For me, it requires energy. Location of Placenta Placenta on anterior Uterine Wall which means the placenta is located on the belly side usually indicates a girl.

  3. Corry Gellatly, a research scientist at Newcastle University, analysed family trees on over half-a-million people dating back to the time of Shakespeare.

  4. When experimenters exposed babies to cherry and mango oils the hour after they were born, the babies remembered these smells days later and preferred them.

  5. This way is also proved to have a high accuracy. Nose If the nose becomes bigger than before, it indicates a boy.

  6. Breast Development According to the research, a pregnant woman who finds her breast development dramatic is more likely to get a baby girl.

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