How to fix a sexless marriage guide. A Wife’s Guide To Fixing Her Sexless Marriage.

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How To Revive Sex & Intimacy In A Marriage (Get That Spark Back!)

How to fix a sexless marriage guide

How are you supposed to live in a sexless marriage? 8 steps to try to prompt your spouse to seek some real help--and grow closer again. Romans “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”. So often in marriage, our good intentions toward our spouse just do not get through in the way we intend. Recently while meeting with a newly married young couple, the wife was frustrated that her husband was not sympathetic when she told him about her difficulties at work. A lack of intimacy in marriage is a recipe for divorce. These guidelines can help you learn to restore the intimacy in your marriage before its too late. How to fix a sexless marriage guide

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  1. You want your marriage to be fulfilling, rewarding and passionate for both you and your wife.

  2. What is it that will fire up his desire for intimacy and sex? If you are such a wife who wants to create this kind of relationship with your husband, then this eBook is what you need.

  3. Creating Intimacy in Marriage The problem of a sexless marriage can be a difficult one for spouses to discuss with one another. Yes, it seems as though appearance should not matter to committed spouses, but the fact is that we are visual creatures.

  4. What Causes Intimacy Issues… Before you can restore intimacy in marriage, you have to understand what created the distance in the first place. Going to your friends for advice probably seems like a great idea. Now, just so you know who I am and what I am about, permit me to introduce myself.

  5. Are you tired of being belittled, criticized, shamed and embarrassed over your intimate wants and needs? Well, there are actually four causes and once you understand what they are, you can easily fix them or avoid them so that you end up with a far more satisfying marriage relationship instead of just a roommate.

  6. Here is why this should be of interest to you … Rick and I have written an eBook with which YOU CAN change the nature, the interactions, and the dynamics of your marriage relationship into something that is much, much more satisfying to you as a wife. It is the non-sexual union of a husband and wife who fully trust and love one another. Text Your Wife Into Bed.

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