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Sizzling hot Alia Bhatt Photoshoot 2015

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  1. She is presently one of the highest paid actresses in the industry. His project also reinvents the look and feel of headsets, by making them as visually stunning as the experience itself. You can watch her talk here:

  2. Arjun Kapoor kissed Alia Bhatt kissed multiple times in this movie to a range of effects ranging from romantic to steamy.

  3. But this kiss was certainly the most anticipated kiss of the year before the movie hit the screens. She speaks about her various performances on stage at TNW Conference, and shares her thoughts on how MR can continue to change the way we interact with artwork. The first is the concept of the frame:

  4. She concluded her talk by sharing her latest project: But what will we see next? Her more recent work focuses on monitoring the audience engagement — their gestures and voice — to alter the physical performance on stage.

  5. The next foray, according to Alice, is the introduction of sound and smell into the experience. Sonam Kapoor slaying in a red dress. And the lad must share the credit with Alia Bhatt who by now has become a pro at delivering….

  6. Spicy, sudden and long-drawn, Kangy surely showed the man what desi tadka is all about with that smooch! You know what we mean folks, right?

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