Furniature sex. Real Ecommerce: 50,000 Visits Thanks to Sex on Furniture.

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Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Espresso

Furniature sex

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  1. Longer term, we expect to source sections of our range directly, but dropshipping was definitely the best route to market for us. So we were able to get some really good coverage, but there was quite a lot of legwork involved.

  2. We were starting with repro furniture, but needed to think about how we would do it so we could scale towards our long term goal. We wanted to aggregate different products from different suppliers, but knew there were barriers for us.

  3. We also made it clear that we only wanted designers who had worked on similar pieces. Our products are highly configurable, with many choices of color, fabric etc.

  4. We had a lot of ideas, but Rob came up with a really quirky one, something a bit out there:

  5. It was make or break time: We had a great brand, a viable business, and our traffic and search rankings were improving dramatically.

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