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  1. She founded the multimillion-dollar home fragrance company Aromatique thanks to a popular homemade mix of pine cones, oils and spices she concocted to help a friend's shop "smell like Christmas. A top-ranking Mormon leader who left a successful career as a businessman to help guide the church. One of the last remaining members of a nearly extinct religious society called the Shakers.

  2. An Army chaplain in Vietnam who was awarded the Medal of Honor for rescuing more than 20 wounded men but later gave it back in protest and became a peace activist. The big-mouthed, bald-headed comedian whose verbal assaults endeared him to audiences and peers and made him the acknowledged grandmaster of insult comedy. He ministered clandestinely to Catholics for years while officially working as a window-washer during communist rule in Czechoslovakia.

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  5. An Army chaplain in Vietnam who was awarded the Medal of Honor for rescuing more than 20 wounded men but later gave it back in protest and became a peace activist. The physically imposing German chancellor whose reunification of a nation divided by the Cold War put Germany at the heart of a united Europe.

  6. The decade ended with Manson becoming the face of evil across America by orchestrating seven murders that marked the end of the era of peace and love. An acclaimed Russian poet whose work focused on war atrocities and denounced anti-Semitism and tyrannical dictators. A very public face among the usually discreet "immortals" of the prestigious Academie Francaise, whom French President Emmanuel Macron called a "prince of letters.

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