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  1. He violated trust with our family, and I just really feel that this guy deserves to be made accountable for his behaviour," said the father. His son later told him the man had touched him inappropriately.

  2. He said the issue has forced him to close the community's only recreation centre, including the skating rink, a concession and the use of the space for events. We have always told him that violence isn't the answer. I originally heard [my son] laughing, because [the man] had a habit of tickling [him] wherever we were," he said.

  3. And I will do whatever it takes to help that process," he said, through tears. The father said he worries the backlog will mean more delays, and that the accused's defence lawyer will argue the boy's memory has changed since the incident, or that his client has not had access to a speedy trial should he plead not guilty, and the case will be dismissed.

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