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  1. Again, there were often long periods between issues: California In the mids, sale of drug paraphernalia was outlawed in many places, and the distribution network for these comics and the underground newspapers dried up, leaving mail order as the only commercial outlet for underground titles.

  2. After being re-inked by Crumb, those strips subsequently appeared as Zap 0. Wonder Wart-Hog , the "Hog of Steel" Gilbert Shelton — a violent reactionary amoral "superhero" who hypocritically murders and rapes people he doesn't approve of.

  3. Captain Pissgums and his Pervert Pirates S. Crumb in his Philadelphia-based underground newspaper Yarrowstalks [8] had intended to publish an earlier version of the comic, but reportedly left the country with the artwork. In , between issues 7 and 8 of Zap Comix, the collective produced Zam Zap Jam , an entire page comic filled with their jams.

  4. She is usually depicted being sexually exploited or manipulated by men. Trashman Spain — hero of the working classes and champion of radical left-wing causes Appears in issues 11— Crumb — a large-built black woman drawn as a racist African native caricature.

  5. Thus Zap 0 became the third in the series even though it was drawn before 1 in , and Zap 3 the fourth. Appears in issue 3. Supreme Court ruling led to the collapse of the underground comix market, [11] and after that Zap was published sporadically, with it being typical for three to five years to pass between new issues.

  6. Appears in issue 3. Crumb — an anthropomorphic animal comic in which the hero is a horny long-eared hound dog. Appears in issues 0 and 1—7.

  7. An all-seeing god is portrayed by a rabbit in a straw boater and striped vest with a movie camera. Again, there were often long periods between issues:

  8. Appears in issue 3. The contents of the first Zap were not intended to be the debut issue.

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