Female sex models. What the Swedish Model Gets Wrong About Prostitution.

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Female sex models

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  1. Sex-role learning of five-year olds. Since, however, all but two of the subjects in the aggressive condition performed the models' novel aggressive responses while subjects in the other conditions only rarely exhibited such reactions, subjects who were exposed to the aggressive models could be readily identified through the distinctive behavior. The gonorrhea rate also went down.

  2. While these studies provide convincing evidence for the influence and control exerted on others by the behavior of a model, a more crucial test of imitative learning involves the generalization of imitative response patterns new settings in which the model is absent.

  3. Experimental Design Subjects were divided into eight experimental groups of six subjects each and a control group consisting of 24 subjects. The male model scored the experimental sessions for all 72 children. A laboratory study of behavior contagion.

  4. One experimental group observed aggressive adult models; a second observed inhibited non-aggressive models; while subjects in a control group had no prior exposure to the models.

  5. Female subjects spent more time than boys [p. The results of this study provide strong evidence that observation of cues produced by the behavior of others is one effective means of eliciting certain forms of responses for which the original probability is very low or zero.

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