Editorials on same sex marriages. Army chaplain faces same-sex discrimination claim; lawyer says he was following Army guidance.

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What do Australians say about same sex marriage?

Editorials on same sex marriages

Same-sex rights and laughs. March 26 SolGen did not oppose same-sex marriage Same-sex duos: right to live together, yes; right to marry each other, no. Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage? Among the provisions of the Family Code Falcis assailed are Articles 1 and 2 that define marriage “as a. How long will the state of Utah force its LGBTQ residents to battle for their constitutional rights? On Tuesday, the Utah Supreme Court heard a case brought by. Editorials on same sex marriages

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  1. There is much less evidence of ghost marriages occurring between a living man and his dead bride, as protection in death as well as a wider range of freedoms in life existed for a man, regardless if he were single or married. He eventually made a public announcement that he was gay himself and intended to form a church for gays.

  2. A chaplain who was serving at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, is responding to an investigator's finding of discrimination after the chaplain said he couldn't include a same-sex couple on a marriage retreat because of his endorsing church's rules.

  3. Are they also disqualified now? That would be the Roman Catholics, Muslims, and many others.

  4. Merkel said her softened stance was in part because of a lesbian who had raised at least eight foster children with her partner and had reached out to the chancellor. Agreeing with the legislation, Sirico wrote:

  5. The reforms have driven a fourfold increase in enrollment in as many years, a small but solid victory for the mixture of faith and unencumbered industry Father Sirico preaches at Acton. Mackenzie Wolf Weinstein said the refusal of certain military chaplains to accommodate same-sex couples was comparable to refusing to accommodate mixed-race or mixed-religion couples.

  6. However, he soon found it "impossible" to heal a person from being gay. He eventually made a public announcement that he was gay himself and intended to form a church for gays.

  7. However, this favorable bias does not mean that workers are obligated to join a union, nor that management is obligated to accept the terms of a union.

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