Drunk woman having sex. Drunk woman caught having sex in public arrested for bond violation.

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Drunk woman

Drunk woman having sex

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  1. And if a drunk person has sex with somebody who's clearly saying no or is completely passed out, then a jury would likely consider that rape. But that is an issue that would be decided by the judge or, in some states, the jury only if, and after, the defendant was found guilty.

  2. That's because rape is a general-intent crime , meaning prosecutors just have to prove a rapist was being negligent or reckless. Here is how the Justice Department defines rape:

  3. A rapist's intoxication will almost never get him off completely, though. To be sure, a drunken guy who doesn't realize what he's doing is more sympathetic than, say, a serial rapist.

  4. And yes, a woman could be convicted of rape in similar circumstances, though the cases are rare.

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