Delaware sex offender law. Sex Offender Registration.

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Delaware sex offender law

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY. The Delaware State Police Sex Offender Registry (SOR) is headquartered at SBI in Dover. Under current law, Tier III high-risk offenders must verify their address, place of employment, and place of study every 90 days. Apr 10, - There are more than 4, people on Delaware's sex offender registry "The problem with the state law is it does not cover parks and Milton is. Delaware State law requires the registration of offenders, both adult and juvenile, who are convicted of certain sex-related offenses, as defined in 11 Del Code ยง (a)(4). Offenders are categorized into a Risk Assessment Tier by the sentencing court or the Delaware Attorney General's Office. Delaware sex offender law

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  1. Tier II offenders are considered moderate risks and are required to confirm their address and place of work or school semi-annually.

  2. Any offense specified in the laws of another state, the United States, any territory of the United States or any foreign government, which is the same as, or equivalent to, any of the offenses set forth in paragraph d 2 a.

  3. This decision simply illustrates that the entire issue of a Sex Offender Registry needs to be revisited. The frequency of periodic address verification shall be: A student is any person who attends or enrolls in any public or private educational facility, including, but not limited to, colleges or universities.

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