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Daughter sex story

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  1. I rotated my head and saw my dear little Amy kneeling next to me, breasts dangling above my head, larger and more rounded than ever from this angle. I shuddered as she touched my anus, circling it with the tip of her finger, then plunging it in. She was a terrible flirt, sliding up to me with her gum popping and leaning back against the counter, thrusting her remarkable breasts outward, or bending over in an exaggerated manner so I couldn't miss her marvelous bottom, the whole time making outrageous comments about sex or politics that shocked her mother.

  2. And though it was shameful and miserable for me, I eagerly wiggled my bottom and thrust my hips into the air. My cheeks flushed at this shameful display of passion and I began to cry when I saw the expression of fascination and innocence on her face. Amy would follow with the paddle to provide me with "encouragement.

  3. I set the basket in front of Mary and she led me across the room and ordered me to retrieve the basket for her again. She moaned again and struggled in her bonds as I entered. Then her hands were behind me, spreading my buttocks and feeling deep into my crack.

  4. I watched in astonishment as the girl quietly obeyed, bending over right in front of me. My reddened buttocks hung free in the air and I realized with a wave revulsion that I was stretched so tightly that my buttocks were split, revealing every aspect of my anus and scrotum.

  5. I felt a soothing relief at first, but soon my flesh was brimming with sensation, teeming with warmth.

  6. Her scarlet bottom aroused me the way each stroke left a white-hot stripe across her rump.

  7. I found a small stool nearby and placing it behind her, stood and faced her. Her face was that of an angel, her clear skin and luminous blue eyes framed by short curls of dark hair. She came closer now and took my penis in her hand.

  8. Then I made them kneel and bend so low their breasts dragged on the floor, and in this position I paddled them and chased them about the room, pretending to flip a coin to see who would get the next spanking, my heart thrilling to hear the victim's groans and cries of despair when she was picked. I collapsed afterward, exhausted, and it wasn't until I heard Amy moaning softly that I remembered she had not been satisfied yet. The question now was what was she going to do?

  9. Exhausted, we flung ourselves onto the floor and lay panting. She was clearly not unused to such punishment, yet she still seemed so young and innocent, and her suffering was unrestrained.

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