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  1. After the father catches her and her boyfriend on her bed about to have sex, he savagely disciplines her, forcing her to participate in a quasi-incestuous wedding ritual with him. My Lover My Son , by John Newland , in which the main character played by Romy Schneider falls in love with her son played by Dennis Waterman , who was only 10 years younger.

  2. In Joe Dirt , Joe Dirt meets a seductive woman named Jill Jaime Pressley who shares the same interests and hobbies with him and it eventually leads them to making out during which Jill's storytelling of how she was abandoned by her parents at a bus stop causes Joe Dirt to worry the possibility that Jill could be his long-lost sister. In the American drama film, Black Snake Moan , Rae Doole Christina Ricci 's promiscuity and hypersexuality are the result of her having been sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend all through her adolescent years.

  3. Throughout the film, Marty attempts to get his parents to fall in love with each other in order to save his existence while Lorraine continually falls more in love with Marty after he saves her from the clutches of Biff Tannen numerous times. In Feed , incest is hinted between fraternal twins Matthew Tom Felton and Olivia Troian Bellisario , who have shared a close relationship since birth. After her mother died, Janey had to take over a lot of her responsibilities which includes "Cooking, cleaning, breastfeeding Mitch.

  4. In Strella , Yiorgos George meets Strella, a beautiful trans woman and falls in love with her. Only when Marty though reluctant takes Lorraine to a prom dance does she manage to passionately kiss him, then stops and stares at Marty with a shocked expression on her face upon feeling that the kiss somehow felt "wrong" though Marty is aware of Lorraine being his mother, she is unaware to the knowledge that she and her love interest are future mother and son. He leaves to take out the Zorgons, and Lisa takes shelter with her brothers.

  5. A Space Adventure , the rebellious older sister Lisa Kirsten Stewart first meets the mysterious Astronaut Dax Shepherd when the house was under attack by the Zorgons. In The Unspeakable Act , the year-old protagonist Jackie Kimball is deeply in love with her year-old brother Matthew, and he, though moderately accepting of the fact, does not reciprocate.

  6. Cousin[ edit ] The practice of cousin incest remains legal in many US states today as well as many countries, where cousin marriage is allowed. All the while her twelve-year-old daughter Tamara Vickie Michon-Dagenais , Christophe's niece, is also falling in love with him. In the film The Hamiltons , Wendell and his twin sister, Darlene, have an incestuous relationship and share it openly.

  7. In Flowers in the Attic , a film adaptation of the V. The film Spanking the Monkey depicts a situation in which mother-son incest takes place, leading the latter to attempt suicide. They were played by Will Arnett and Amy Poehler , who were married in real life at the time.

  8. Due to the strength of her close bond with her brother, Olivia willingly risks having a near-fatal eating disorder in order to continue being in contact with her twin brother. The Australian film Bad Boy Bubby depicts an incestuous relationship between a mother and her adult son, who has never been outside his mother's house in his life.

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