Celeb sex apes. Our ancestors did NOT evolve from knuckle-dragging apes.

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Celeb sex apes

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  1. Researchers who examined the wrist bones of several primate species believe our early human ancestors never used their knuckles to walk like gorillas.

  2. Gorillas stride with their arms and wrists extended straight down and locked in what Kivell called 'columnar' stances that resemble how elephants walk.

  3. It's been done before with apes and monkeys, but now we're dealing with a bird; but not just any bird, a bird with a brain as special to birds as the brain of an apes is special to mammals. This time, the birds were assessed with relational matching pairs of items.

  4. The reel reveals that the professor and his wife were working on translating the book, a seemingly demonic sex guide known as the Necronomicum Ex-Mortis. This is what the crows do. There are no fossils from the time of this transition, which likely occurred about seven million years ago, Kivell and Schmitt said.

  5. That connection, they contend, is still evident in wrist and hand bone features shared by African apes and by fossil and living humans. In contrast, gorillas' 'columnar' style of knuckle-walking is consistent with ground transport. The birds were placed into a wire mesh cage into which a plastic tray containing three small cups was occasionally inserted.

  6. Linda, who has returned to normal, confronts Ash with a locket identical to the one that he had earlier given her. Gorillas wrists 'locked down' Kivell and Schmitt suggested these features may be absent in gorillas as they knuckle-walk in a fundamentally different way from chimps and bonobos. The other two cups were also covered with cards - one that matched the sample, and one that didn't.

  7. Outside, Linda who has reattached her head rises from the grave, along with Deadite versions of two of Ash's ex-girlfriends. Instead they evolved from other apes who spent most of their time in trees and descended to the ground upright. The group ignores the reel, and while Shelly goes to lie down, Ash, Linda, and Scotty have a threesome in a bedroom.

  8. That connection, they contend, is still evident in wrist and hand bone features shared by African apes and by fossil and living humans. Ash is forced to cut his hand off with a chainsaw, which he then uses to kill Shelly by forcing her to "ride" the tool's blade.

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