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Satine Phoenix

Cattle prod sex toy

We are redirecting you to "Athletic MILF Fuck Toy Cherie Deville Punished in Bondage and Sybian!!". Aged slavegirls wet crack needle castigation and bizarre cattle prod electro shoc. Begging will not save her tender pussy lips from the sizzling cattle prod: From the Dofantasy sex comic Dark Vengeance IV, by the artist Fernando. Cattle prod sex toy

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  1. One of the nurses was finishing up securing the unconscious new shemale to the exam table while the other was bent over a table with her latex skirt rolled up over her ass while the good doctor fucked her pussy. The rod even felt a little good up inside her cunt as it slowly warmed from her body heat.

  2. Lucy received her first shock from this devilish device on her stomach and the room was filled with her screams as she bucked fiercely against the straps that held her. When she finally relaxed, her body was covered in fear-sweat and she was visibly shaking.

  3. He pulled up, forming the new sissy tits into painful cones. Lucy looked like she was going to beg her to finish so Miko gave her testicles a warning squeeze.

  4. Sue flinched away from the cold metal. We kept you unconscious while we made some of the physical changes your master requested. Lucy had gone into The Tank as Tim along with her friend Bobi 40 days ago.

  5. He will keep you until her tires of you or tortures you to death. Miko turned and faced her Mistress.

  6. Today it was N4 who got the fucking while N7 worked on Lucy. With a slap on her ass, they left the room to return to the slave pens as ordered. They led her over to the vanity and sat her down on the stool, fastening a belt over her thighs to hold her there.

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