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  1. The apparently-gibberish Hymn of the Fayth, if written down and then read in a certain manner, becomes a Japanese prayer to Yevon. And then there are Percent Damage Attacks , which make healing problematic. Inverted in the final act.

  2. It's purely optional, but you can do this at certain points of the game before acquiring access to the airship. Awkward Father-Son Bonding Activity: Tidus knows as does the player that destroying Yu Yevon will result in his own death as well, but he keeps this a secret from the rest of the party until the final confrontation is underway so that they will go through with their mission.

  3. You can pretty much train your characters there as the enemies give lots of experience. Way to go, Brother! This requires some serious maneuvers from pilot Brother and Captain Cid, to stay alongside the beast or maintain a decent distance, at a constant speed, with technology only recently salvaged, on its maiden voyage.

  4. Similarly, Jecht may count as well, since he specifically took the form of Sin to give the characters a shot at stopping it via Fighting from the Inside.

  5. Yuna and the rest of the party turn this around by saying what little peace they get when Sin is gone is worth it. You don't meet him and ally with him until about halfway through the game, though.

  6. In the ensuing chaos, Tidus is sucked into a portal with the aid of the swordsman and reawakens in the pre-industrial world of Spira. It also departs from the ATB battle systems for a non-real-time Combatant Cooldown System that shows the queue of upcoming character and enemy turns, giving players as much time as they want to ponder their next action mid-battle. Early on, Tidus asks what the point of going through with the Final Summoning is if Sin just comes back every time.

  7. Rikku's tactic to serve as distraction, facilitating the party's escape, is to throw a flash grenade at the feet of Seymour, at his wedding.

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