Taitung Travel Guide

Taitung is the third biggest region on Taiwan Island. The economy here falls behind the various districts of Taiwan. It concentrates on agribusiness and has just a couple of manufacturing plants. In any case, this makes it a pristine land where individuals carry on a slower and more tranquil life.

Taitung Facts

Best time to visit: The best season to come here is from October to November when the temperature is around 73°F (23°C) and there is little rain. Tropical storms ordinarily hit the area from June to September, so it’s best to abstain from going to here amid these months.

Attractions – Things to Do

Confronting the ocean and sitting against the mountains, this region is rich in normal landscape. The coastline here is the length of 110 miles (176 kilometers), the longest in Taiwan. Moreover, it gloats the most ancient destinations in Taiwan. Aside from these, its brilliant traditions and different celebrations are pulling in an ever increasing number of guests from home and abroad.

Step by step instructions to Get to Taitung

Just Taipei has a couple of non-stop flights to Taitung. A superior method to arrive is via prepare. The Taiwan Rail Line has 19 stops in the district, including Chishang, Guanshan, Peinan, Chihpen, Taimali and Tawu. The prepare from Taipei to Taitung takes 3.5-7.5 hours and costs TWD 604-929. From Taichung costs TWD 641-892 with a span of 5-11 hours, from Hualien takes 1.5-3 hours and costs TWD 264-343, and from Pingtung costs TWD 242-314 with a movement time of 2-3 hours.


To visit the picturesque spots, taking the traveler transport or transport is a decent decision. You can likewise enlist a private auto which costs TWD 5,000-6,000 for a day.

Taitung Travel Tips

Traditions and Festivals:

This territory is home to numerous natives who involve 33% of the aggregate populace. They for the most part comprise of six ethnic gatherings including Amis, Puyuma, Bunun, Tao, Paiwan, and Rukai, among which the Amis is in the lion’s share. The Amis are sorted out as a matriarchy and ladies hold more power than men. The Amis hold a few services each year. From June to August, you can watch their Fishing Ceremony and from mid-July to early September, a Harvest Ceremony is held at Peinan Township. Find out here now to get cheapest ticket flight and get the promo.

Setting Firecrackers by Handan God is an uncommon society action in Taitung. Each Chinese Lantern Festival, the divine force of riches, Handan, played by a man, courses among the general population as they set fireworks off around him to evacuate catastrophes and bring riches.

Tiehuacun Cultural Park is the best place to appreciate music and workmanship. You can drink espresso on the yard and talk with the neighborhood craftsmen. The best time to come here is early night.

Neighborhood Food: The uncommon results of Taitung incorporate fish, tea, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, millet, custard apples, and pineapples. Also, potato saltines, short rice noodles, meatballs, Peinan pork blood soups and veggie lover noodles are the most prominent neighborhood sustenances. You can discover every one of these delights during the evening markets, the vast majority of which are situated at Bright Road, Fokien Road and Sihwei Road. The night markets at Bright Road fundamentally offer fish and those at Fokien Road have fish, organic products, and beverages. Additionally, Taitung Tourism Night Market, Zhiben Night Market and Taiping Night Market likewise have delectable nourishments on offer. Additionally, don’t miss the crate dish at Chishang Station if the prepare stops there.